This learning framework incorporates national standards; supports local strategic aims and promotes the need for cultural change for agencies who support adults at risk. It applies to all organisations, professionals and staff in Somerset who do not work to the “Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Health Care Staff” Intercollegiate Document published by the Royal College of Nursing.

It is the responsibility of all organisations to ensure they have a skilled and competent workforce who are able to take on the roles and responsibilities required to protect adults at risk and ensure an appropriate response when adult abuse or neglect does occur.

At this current time, the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board does not provide single or multi-agency safeguarding training.

Spot the signs of domestic abuse and modern slavery
Social Care Institute for Excellence: e-learning 
Mental Capacity Act

Please see our section on Putting the Mental Capacity Act into Practice for resources

Other resources

Real Safeguarding Stories is a video-based training resource for safeguarding professionals, developed and produced by Bradford Council and Collingwood Learning. All videos are free to play as part of safeguarding training and awareness activities.

Future Learn

Future Learn provides online courses with partners, including universities. Some of these are only free to access for a specific duration (e.g. 3 weeks) after which further access becomes chargeable and/or there is a charge for CPD Certificates and permanent access to all course materials.

Learning from serious cases

We have moved all our learning from serious cases so it is all in one place in our publications section

To support local organisations the SSAB has adopted an Organisational Adult Safeguarding Self Audit Tool to help it evaluate the effectiveness of internal safeguarding arrangements, and to identify and prioritise any areas in need of further development.  In a change to previous years our 2021 Audit tool has been developed in partnership with the Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Boards.

It is designed to support local organisations in their continuous improvement of adult safeguarding work.

As in previous years, it is not intended to publish the results of individual organisations or to use the information provided to compare organisations. Instead, areas of generic learning both within Somerset and across all five Boards will be identified to inform the SSAB’s strategic development of safeguarding.  The tool is an important component of the SSAB’s approach to Quality Assurance.

SSAB partner organisations are required to complete all relevant sections of the self-audit and submit it to the Board’s Performance Quality Assurance subgroup for monitoring and assurance purposes.  For the 2021 self-audit the Performance and Quality Assurance  Subgroup will again arrange a ‘peer challenge’ element to the process following the receipt of returned audits.  It is our intention that this will take a  constructive approach to ensuring that the results are consistent, and that any variations in responses were understood.

Other agencies / bodies are also actively encouraged to complete the tool as part of benchmarking their current safeguarding arrangements.

Next Steps

  1. Download and complete the self-audit tool below
  2. Ensure you submit the completed audit to by no later than 01 October 2021 to enable the Performance and Quality Assurance subgroup to analyse and report on returns
  3. Consider the strengths and areas for development highlighted through the self-audit process, and take action to address identified issues

Notes for completion:

  • You only need to complete your organisations details in the “About My Organisation” section.  This will then populate the other sections it is shown in
  • This audit tool is shared by the Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adults Boards
  • If you organisation is a member of more than one of the five Boards then you only need to complete it once, so long as your submission covers all of those that it is a member of.  There is a drop-down list in the “About My Organisation” section that asks you to select which Board(s) you are completing the audit for.
  • Please complete all sections of the audit.  If a section is not applicable to your organisation, for example it does not commission services, then please select “N/A” as the RAG rating.
  • If you have any questions or queries please contact